Pool Turn-Over

Even though its early December, it always amazes me how fast a pool can have ice form on the top of it. And my pool isn’t all that small (28′ round).

To review, in order for a pool or lake or any body of water to have ice form it has to first “turn-over.” What that refers to is this. Water is densest at 39 degrees farenheit. This is why ice floats – because it is less dense that the water beneath it. So in order for ice to form (32 degrees) the water in the rest of the pool/lake/body must be at 39 degrees! That’s a lot of water to chill. I know I’m getting older and time just flys past but it seems just like yesterday I was wearing shorts and trying to stay cool. Today its hard pressed to get above freezing outside with a stiff breeze.

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