Dusting Of Snow

Last evening a snow plume setup right through my town and quickly (within 1 hour or so) dropped ½ – 1″ of new snow. What was so important is it happened after dark and the flurries earlier in the day let up in late afternoon and the skies even cleared somewhat. So everyone naturally thought it was just going to be clear and cold night. So when the snow came in it caused several accidents on interstate 78. And it also resulted in the first salting of the roads. When we had the 1″ of new snow on Thanksgiving the roads were not impacted since the temperatures were warm enough.

Thoughts on the weekend?

It looks like a major storm will form and come into our area but amazingly stay west of us. I say amazingly since we have had this block of cold air over us all week. To think a storm can come crashing through it is somewhat impressive. There will be a coastal that forms but it will be too little too late. Right now it looks like a mix to rain with perhaps ending as mix or snow. One thing looks for certain – it will get windy and cold (even colder than now believe it or not) come early next week with Tuesday looking to be the coldest day.

Speaking of cold today marks the second day in a row where my high temperature didn’t go above freezing! I find that impressive for early December. It will be interesting to see what happens once this cold pattern passes. Will we be in short sleeves in January?

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