Coldest Morning in 15 Years


Talk about a cold morning! Following the –1 yesterday morning in Stewartsville, NJ, this morning we officially hit –4. Then why am I showing you a picture of –5.6? This thermometer is not my most accurate one. I’m also a weather geek and have several thermometers.

I had to go back to 1996 to find a low temperature of –4 or colder. We had –2.6 two times in January 2005 and –1.3 in January of 2004, but no records we found lower until 1996. That winter was a cold one with a –14 recorded. To this day that is the lowest temperature I ever experienced. There was a –26 that morning in northern NJ!

Courtesy of NJ WxNet, here is a listing of other zero or below readings this morning:


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