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Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 5:28 PM
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Subject: Bergenfield_January_2011


January was cold with record-breaking snowfall. I measured 32.3″ ( 82.0cm ) here in Bergenfield, the most since 1983. There were two major storms. The 11th and 12th saw 8.5″ ( 21.6cm ) of snow while 12.0″ ( 30.5cm ) fell on the 26th and 27th. There was a persistent snow cover ranging from 3″ ( 7.6cm ) on the 6th to 19″ ( 48.3cm ) on the 27th.
Total precipitation was close to normal. The month began with relatively mild temperatures. I recorded 52°F ( 11.1°C ) on the 1st and 49°F ( 9.4°C ) on the 2nd. Below normal temperatures soon arrived and remained for the next 4 weeks. A low of 1°F ( -17.2°C ) was reached on the 24th.
A major blizzard struck the region on the 26th and 27th setting record depths and disrupting traffic. I measured a total of 12.0″ ( 30.5cm ) but snowfall totals were greater to the east on central Long Island and western Connecticut.

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