Bergenfield March 2011



March saw temperatures that averaged exactly normal…41.8°F ( 10.8°C ).

However, there was considerable variation during the month. I recorded a low of 18°F ( -7.8° ) on the 3rd. A quick warm-up ensued and on the 18th a summer-like 78°F ( 25.6°C ) was reached. This set a new record for the date. Colder conditions arrived after a few days and the remainder of the month saw temperatures averaging a few degrees below normal.


Precipitation was heavy and totaled 6.81″ ( 173.0mm ). This was about 150% of what we would normally expect for the month. A new daily record was recorded on the 6th when 2.54″ ( 64.5mm ) fell. A few days later, on the 10th and 11th, considerable rainfall throughout the region led to serious flooding along the Pascack River. Towns along its lower reaches suffered from widespread property damage. After a snowy winter, March brought little snowfall. I measured a total of 1.9″ ( 4.8cm ). This brings the season’s total up to 59.2″ ( 150.4cm )…about twice the long-term mean.


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