Dual-polarization upgrade to WSR-88D radar at Fort Dix coming soon

…Dual-polarization upgrade to WSR-88D radar at Fort Dix coming soon…

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey would like 
to announce the upcoming upgrade to the WSR-88D radar located at 
Fort Dix (kdix). The upgrade will involve the installation of the 
new dual-polarization radar technology. Dual-pol as it is commonly 
referred to will help users identify non-weather targets more 
easily, differentiate between rain, snow, and melting snow, help 
detect when hail is present in a thunderstorm, detect areas of 
heavy rain better, and detect debris lofted by significant tornadoes.
Please note that the WSR-88D radar located at Fort Dix will be 
unavailable for 10-14 days during this process. The current expected 
date to begin installation is January 30, 2012. The installation is 
expected to be completed by February 12, 2012. Another public 
information statement will be issued before the radar is taken 
offline, in addition to a free text message (ftm).
Radars from surrounding National Weather Service offices will still 
be operable, in addition to the surrounding terminal Doppler radars. 
These include Dover Air Force base (kdox), Wakefield, Virginia 
(kakq), Sterling, Virginia (klwx), State College, Pennsylvania 
(kccx), Binghamton, New York (kbgm), and Upton, New York (kokx), as 
well as Philadelphia International Airport (tphl), Baltimore 
international Airport (tbwi), Andrews Air Force Base (tadw), and 
Newark International Airport (tewr).
For more information on dual-polarization, please visit the warning 
decision training branch at...
You can view the training for either non-NWS meteorologists or for 
non-meteorologists. Also, you can speak to a meteorologist during 
the hours of 8 am and 4 PM by calling 609-261-6615, or send an email 
to ask.Phi@noaa.Gov if you have any questions.
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