Bergenfield December 2011 Summary


December 2011 was mild. This continues the string of months with above-normal temperatures that began in March 2011. I measured an average temperature of 41.1°F ( 5.1°C ). This was the second warmest December since records began in 1983. Only December 2006 at 41.4°F ( 5.2°C ) was warmer. Daily maximums of 61°F ( 16.1°C ) on the 21st and 57°F ( 13.9°C ) set new records. There were only two brief episodes of cold weather…on the 18th and the 29th. But these were short-lived and lasted only a day. The rest of the month was uniformly benign.

No snow fell. Not even a trace. This has never happened before in December. Precipitation was close to normal. Two daily rainfall records were established. 1.57″ ( 39.9mm ) fell on the 7th and 1.37″ ( 34.8mm ) fell on the 27th.

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