Bergenfield August 2012 Summary


The average temperature here in Bergenfield , New Jersey during August
was 76.4°F ( 24.7°C ). This was 1.9°F ( 1.1°C ) above the long-term mean,
marking the 19th consecutive month with temperatures at or above normal.
The maximum temperature was 95°F ( 35.0°C ) on the 5th and on the
31st. Nine days saw a maximum of 90°F ( 32.2°C ) or greater. A minimum
of 56°F ( 13.3°C ) was reached on the 30st. No daily records were set.
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Bergenfield August 2012 Summary Bergenfield August 2012 Summary

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  1. chris says:

    Hi Rudy, This is christopher del campo i am the newest member of the weather club.i am repling as to how much rain we have received in the past two days past. from tuesday septemb

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