Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAOS) 2012 Fall Schedule 8/29 & 9/5 on video!

Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAOS) 2012 Fall Schedule

Wednesdays – (TAOS)12 Noon – Endeavour Hall 120

  • 08/29/2012
  • Title: “ENSO—Pandemic Influenza Connection”
  • Speaker: Jeffrey Shaman
  • Affiliation: Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University


  • Title: “The Predictability of Stratospheric Warming Events: More from the Troposphere or the Stratosphere?”
  • Speaker: Lantao Sun
  • Affiliation: Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University


  • Title: “Association of Tornado Occurrence with Environmental Parameters”
  • Speaker: Michael Tippett
  • Affiliation: International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University


  • Title: “Correction of Excessive Precipitation Over Steep and High Mountains in a GCM”
  • Speaker: Winston C. Chao
  • Affiliation: Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


  • Title: “Evidence Linking Arctic Amplification to Extreme Weather in Mid-Latitudes”
  • Speaker: Jennifer Francis
  • Affiliation: Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University


  • Title: “Simulation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation: Recent Progress and Future Prospects”
  • Speaker: Daehyun Kim
  • Affiliation: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University


  • Title: “Atmospheric Blocking and Atlantic Multidecadal Variability”
  • Speaker: Sirpa Hakkinen
  • Affiliation: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD


  • Title: “Genesis of Twin Tropical Cyclones as Revealed by a Global Mesoscale Model: The Role of Mixed Rossby Gravity Waves”
  • Speaker: Bo-Wen Shen
  • Affiliation: Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory, University of Maryland


  • Title: “A Predictable AMO-like Pattern in GFDL’s Fully-Coupled Initialization and Decadal Forecasting System”
  • Speaker: Xiaosong Yang
  • Affiliation: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University


  • Title: “Simulated Watershed Scale Snowmelt and Groundwater Recharge Trends from 1960-2099 for Basins Draining to Long Island Sound: Hydrologic Response to Climate Change and Potential Water Quality Implications ”
  • Speaker: David Bjerklie
  • Affiliation: US Geological Survey, Connecticut Water Science Center


  • Title: “Use of Extensive Colocated Observations from the TWP-ICE Field Campaign to Improve Cloud-Resolving Models and Study Aerosol Effects on Tropical Deep Convection ”
  • Speaker: Ann Fridlind
  • Affiliation: Goddard Institute for Space Studies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


  • Title: “Comparing Low-frequency and Intermittent Variability in Climate Models Through Nonlinear Laplacian Spectral Analysis”
  • Speaker: Dimitris Giannakis
  • Affiliation: Center for Atmospheric Ocean Science, New York University




  • Title: “Stepwise Changes in Stratospheric Water Vapor”
  • Speaker: Stefan Fueglistaler
  • Affiliation: Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, Princeton University


  • Title: “The Effects of Rainfall on the Ocean Surface at Low to Moderate Wind Speed”
  • Speaker: Emily Harrison
  • Affiliation: College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware

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