Assessing Storm Surge Risk in NYC (next week?) NYC/LI AMS Mtg on Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m.

As you know the NYC/LI AMS Chapter presents timely meetings on meteorological topics of interest to our members and other weather enthusiasts, the media and the public. Now that you do not have to be concerned with the presidential debates, whether the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox will be in or win the World Series or by November 15, the election, your attention can shift back to the most interesting weather scenario early next week since Irene and maybe the Hurricane of 1938. So we planned ahead!

Dr. Kerry Emanuel will speak at Columbia University at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 15 at the Davis Auditorium, 412 Shapiro Center, 530 W. 120th Street in Manhattan on assessing storm surge risk in NYC. I am sure that we will be talking about what could of or did happen early next week as Sandy makes the trek north and east.

Please join us and register with your intent to attend the meeting with Philip Orton at Philip.orton. This registration will allow us to have an accurate count for the free reception after the meeting.

A flyer is attached with detailed information and directions.

Join over 50 already registered people for what will be another informative meeting, just like the 4th Tri-State Weather Conference in Danbury, CT.

Mark Kramer, Chair

New York City/Long Island AMS Chapter

Kerry_Emanuel_11-15-12_AMS Mtg withdirections.pdf


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