Potential historic storm for the area


Latest NWS statement from Mt Holly, NJ:

...Potential historic storm for the area...

Tropical cyclone Sandy is expected to move northward and then take a 
turn back to the northwest, making landfall along the mid Atlantic 
coast. It appears this occurs somewhere between the Delmarva 
Peninsula and western Long Island.

Sandy is expected to intensify as it interacts with an upper level 
system moving out of the Great Lakes, and indications are that our 
region may experience a widespread damaging storm, possibly of 
historic proportions.

Widespread damaging winds are possible. The exact storm track is 
still uncertain and this will determine the actual impacts. However, 
the storm is forecast to be a large storm therefore do not focus on 
the exact center of the storm. It appears that the strongest winds 
will occur Monday and Tuesday. 

In addition, widespread heavy rain /possibly as much as 6 to 10
inches/ would cause significant flooding on rivers and streams
across the region. This could be major to even record flooding.
Rain can be expected to begin during the day Sunday or Sunday
evening and then continue Monday when it will become heavy at
times. As water is pushed toward the coast, coastal flooding will
increase and this could be to major to perhaps even record levels
along the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware. The extent of the
coastal flooding will be dependent on the track of the storm.

This has the potential to be a large and record setting storm, with 
widespread wind damage, inland and coastal flooding, and beach 
erosion. The combination of the heavy rain and wind will create the 
potential for widespread power outages and significant flooding. At 
this time, the most likely time frame for the worst of the rain and 
wind looks to be Monday and Tuesday. This means there is still time 
to prepare.

Some suggested pre-storm actions are:

1. Fuel up your vehicles.

2. If you have a generator, be sure you have adequate fuel on hand.
3. To prepare for the possibility of prolonged power outages, make 
sure you have a supply of fresh batteries and a supply of candles or 
flashlights on hand.

4. Be sure to have several days of fresh water on hand for drinking 
and cooking.
5. If you still have lawn furniture outside, secure or store it 
indoors. Secure any outside items that could become airborne in 
strong winds, including Halloween decorations.

6. Clean out any storm drains or gutters that may be clogged by 

7. If you live in a flood prone area and if possible, consider 
moving items that may become damaged to higher ground.

8. If you have limited mobility or know of someone who may be 
disabled, consider arranging for temporary shelter if they live in 
an area that may flood or could lose power.

9. If you need to evacuate, be sure to care for your pets.
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