…An extremely dangerous storm to impact the area…

Sandy is expected to slam into the New Jersey coast later Monday 
night, bringing very heavy rain and damaging winds to the region. 
The storm is a large one, therefore do not focus on the exact center 
of the storm as all areas will have significant impacts.

This has the potential to be an historic storm, with widespread wind 
damage and power outages, inland and coastal flooding, and massive 
beach erosion. The combination of the heavy rain and prolonged wind 
will create the potential for long lasting power outages and serious 

Preparations should be wrapping up as conditions are expected to 
worsen tonight and especially on Monday.

Some important notes...

1. If you are being asked to evacuate a coastal location by state 
and local officials, please do so.

2. If you are reluctant to evacuate, and you know someone who rode 
out the '62 storm on the barrier islands, ask them if they could do 
it again.

3. If you are reluctant, think about your loved ones, think about 
the emergency responders who will be unable to reach you when you 
make the panicked phone call to be rescued, think about the 
Rescue/recovery teams who will Rescue you if you are injured or 
recover your remains if you do not survive.

4. Sandy is an extremely dangerous storm. There will be major 
property damage, injuries are probably unavoidable, but the goal is 
zero fatalities.

5. If you think the storm is over-hyped and exaggerated, please err 
on the side of caution.

We wish everyone in harms way all the best. Stay safe!
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