Bergenfield NJ December 2012 Summary

After a cold and dry November, December was mild and wet here in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I recorded an average temperature of 40.0F ( 4.4C ) This is 4.2F ( 2.3C ) above the long-term mean. The lowest temperature of 26F (  -3.3C ) measured on the 14th and 24th was the highest December low I have measured since 1983. I have seen a minimum of 20F ( -6.7C ) or lower in every previous December.

The total precipitation of 5.41″ ( 137.4mm ) was about 25% above normal. A snowstorm on the 29th was predicted to deposit 3 to 5″ in our region but the heavy snow associated with this storm fell well to the east. I measured 1.5″ ( 3.8cm ) As the month came to a close we were still waiting for some serious winter weather.

Two new daily wind records were set this December. I measured a gust of 42mph on the 21st and 35mph on the 22nd.

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