SKYWARN for Thursday September 12, 2013

Good afternoon evening everyone,
We will be looking for criteria reports (or near criteria) reports to the NWS via the skywarn procedures for which training was accomplished, be it either in this skywarn account or via the 800 number. 
Those reports include damaging wind,  measured wind gusts 58 MPH or greater,  large hail – 1 inch in diameter or larger, UNUSUAL Flood reports… including rescues,  damaging flooding,  road washouts,
2 inches of rain in 1 hour or rainfall 1 inch or greater in 30 minutes,  lightning caused fires or lightning induced injuries.
We see the lightning data through multiple resources.  However, we want to make sure damage is properly attributed, and so please be specific.  If you’re sure its lightning instead of wind,  please tell us.
No matter what your report,  please try to give us the time of occurrence, its location – county and community, and the event.
Near criteria reports are acceptable (3/4 inch hail,  measured gust 46 mph or greater).
Thank you very much for your ground truth against radar,
Walter Drag 
Mount Holly
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