NWS Implementation of Passaic Basin Flood Inundation Maps and User Interface

To:       subscribers - family of services and NOAA weather wire     
          service and other National Weather Service partners, users
          and employees

From:     ray kruzdlo - senior service hydrologist, National Weather 
          Service, weather forecast office, Mt. Holly/Philadelphia

          Nancy furbush - senior service hydrologist, National       
          Weather Service, weather forecast office, Upton/New York   

Subject:  implementation of Passaic basin flood inundation maps and  
          user interface

On Monday, November 18, 2013, the National Weather Service (nws) 
implemented six Passaic basin flood inundation map libraries on the 
advanced hydrologic prediction (ahps) web Portal.

Inundation maps provide information on the spatial extent and depth 
of flood waters in the vicinity of both NWS river forecast and 
non-forecast points. Users are able to display flood inundation maps 
for various levels ranging from minor flooding through and/or above 
the largest observed flood.

Flood inundation maps are available for the following gages/forecast 

Gage                            municipalities

Upper Saddle River              Upper Saddle River Township
                                Saddle river township

Pompton Plains                  Pequannock township
                                Wayne township

Riverdale                       borough of Riverdale
                                borough of Bloomingdale
                                borough of Pompton Lakes

Chatham                         Chatham township
                                borough of New Providence
                                city of Summit

Millington                      Long Hill township
                                Bernards township

Clifton/Dundee dam              city of Clifton
                                City of Garfield
                                borough of Elmwood Park
                                city of Paterson
                                city of Passaic

With the implementation also comes an improved inundation map 
interface. New enhancements contain a geolocation capability and 
additional user-defined layer transparencies including the 1% annual 
exceedence flood probability at some locations.

Each inundation Library is associated with a United States 
geological survey (usgs) river gage and/or NWS forecast point.

Flood inundation maps, combined with river observations and NWS 
forecasts, enhance the communication of flood risk, provide users 
with additional information to better mitigate the impacts of 
flooding, and build more resilient communities.

These flood inundation maps and associated geospatial data 
(shapefiles) can be accessed through the ahps Portal (use lower case 


A complete list of flood inundation map locations is online at (use 
lower case letters):


A user guide for the flood inundation map web interface is available 
at (use lower case letters):


These inundation maps were developed in partnership with the New 
Jersey department of environmental protection, the New York and 
Philadelphia districts of the U.S. Army corps of engineers, the New 
Jersey U.S. Geological survey, and made online in cooperation with 
the federal emergency management agency region ii.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Ray kruzdlo
National Weather Service Mt. Holly/Philadelphia
senior service hydrologist
phone: 609-261-6615
email: Raymond.Kruzdlo@noaa.Gov

Nancy furbush
National Weather Service Upton/New York City
senior service hydrologist
phone: 631-924-0037 ext 234
email: Nancy.Furbush@noaa.Gov 
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