“Opportunities for Private-Sector Meteorologists” – 2/27 on line tonight 7:30 EST –

The following is information you may find of interest:

  • Professional Development Seminar Series Tonight (2/27/14)

· AMS Books Releases Living on the Real World: How Thinking and Acting Like Meteorologists Will Help Save the Planet

Professional Development Seminar Series Tonight

The North Florida Chapter would like to invite you to join them in part one of the chapter’s Professional Development Seminar Series tonight. It will start at 7:30pm eastern time, and will be visible on YouTube. The North Florida Chapter of the AMS/NWA will be using Google Plus and its Hangout feature to bring you a panel of all-stars that will include:

Ken Carey: Our main guest and keynote speaker for this part of the series. Ken will be speaking about "Opportunities for Private-Sector Meteorologists" and has already gotten a few questions on various topics.

Janice Bunting, Executive Director of the National Weather Association

Frank Alsheimer, Science and Operations Officer at NWS Charleston, SC

Andrew Briscoe, North FL AMS/NWA Science and Outreach Officer and host of this event

– Officers and members from the Blue Ridge Chapter of the AMS/NWA and from the OU Student Chapter of the AMS

Our (in progress) google + page is here: https://plus.google.com/104692355563537672217/posts

The facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/454499161318496/

The YouTube link will be posted on twitter @NorthFLAMSNWA when it is available

The hangout should appear live on both Google Plus and YouTube as the event begins. They will try to post the link to the video as soon as it appears. They will be taking questions via their chapter’s twitter handle: #AMSNWA. Questions are encouraged. The event is expected to run for an hour. If you miss this event, it will be recorded and posted to YouTube live.

AMS Books Releases Living on the Real World: How Thinking and Acting Like Meteorologists Will Help Save the Planet

Publication Date: February 2014

272 pages paperback

List Price: $30, AMS Member Price: $22

Meteorologists sift through a deluge of information to make predictions every day. Instead of being overwhelmed by the data and possibilities, they focus on small bits of information while using frequent collaboration to make decisions. With climate change a reality, William H. Hooke suggests we look to the way meteorologists operate as a model for how we can solve the twenty-first century’s most urgent environmental problems.

Living on the Real World explains why we should approach environmental issues collaboratively, each taking on a challenging aspect and finding solutions to small parts of the larger problem. It outlines current crises brought about by climate change and extreme weather, including impacts on food, water, and energy, and then explores the ways we can tackle these problems together.

Blending science with a philosophical approach, Hooke offers a clear-eyed analysis as well as an inspiring call to action. Everyone from scientists to politicians, educators to journalists, and businesses large and small, can—and must—participate in order to save the planet for generations to come.

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