July was a fairly comfortable month, cooler and wetter than normal. The average high
temperature of 84.5° (-2.3°) was the coolest value since 83.3° was recorded back in 2000.
As usual the average min (65.6°) was not comparatively as cool, as it was in fact just 0.1°
below normal. Combining these two values resulted in a monthly mean temperature of
75.1°, which was 1.1° below normal. July 2014 was the 12th wettest ever at 4.56″ (+0.82″)
but with a distinct dry second half of the month as only 0.07″ of rain fell between the 16th
and 31st. The usual hit or miss summer storms were


many times during that
last half of the month. One record daily low temperature was set, along with one tied daily
record low with a pair of 58’s on the 18th and 25th. The coolest temperature of the month
on the 30th (54°) did not set or tie a daily record low. And the nicest day of the month with
a high temperature of only 73° did not set a daily record low max as a 68° max back in 2001
still remains the record for the date (29th), which turns out was my 64th birthday. The
wettest day of the month, 1.40″ on the 10th, set the only daily record for calendar day
rainfall. The


days of measurable rainfall this July was 2 days below the long-term
average amount of 11. A hot start to the month yielded two straight days of record high min
temps of 73 on the 1st and 76 on the 2nd. However, no maximum

temperature records
were set this July. There were 5 days with maximum temperatures of 90 or greater,
which is well below the normal July amount of 10.6.


maximum monthly barometric pressure extreme of 30.27″ occurred on July 5, one
of the nicest days of the month and the day with the lowest dew point temperature for
the month (50°). The lowest value of 29.60″ occurred at the


of the month on the
28th, during a cold frontal passage into the beautiful birthday weather on the 29th
I so enjoyed. In an evening thunderstorm on the 8th I recorded my highest peak
wind gust for July of 27 MPH from the west. The year to date total precipitation
through July 31 was 36.20″, which was 9.92″ above the normal amount at this
point in time in the year.


distribution of 8 sunny, 16 partly cloudy and 7 cloudy days was roughly in alignment
with the wetter than normal precipitation amount of 4.56″.

There were no days with fog that I observed and 6 days with thunder. Fog frequency was
well below normal, thunderstorm days were exactly normal. There was no heating degree
days and 312 cooling degree days.

My maximum temperature frequencies included 5 days of 90 or above, 22 days from
80-89, and 4 days from 70-79. On the minimum temperature frequency side of things,
there were 7 days between 50-59, 14 days between 60-69, and 10 days with 70° or above.

The diurnal range average was below normal (18.9° vs the normal 21.1°). The max daily
range of 28.3° on the 6th occurred during our highest barometric pressure readings
of the month, predictably dry as a result and a good cooling opportunity. A rather
unremarkable 12.4° lowest daily temperature range on the 21st and 28th occurred on
generally cloudy days but with no rain. There were 5 days total with diurnal ranges
lower than 15°. There were 4 days with ranges of 25°or more. Mid-summer is not
usually the time period that features diurnal temp range extremes.

July 2014 was a generally nice month with early rains and relatively pleasant temperatures.
I hope we can keep up the pace of low amounts of 90 or greater maximum temperature
readings, with average amounts of thunderstorm days. We

always need the rain, but
with my local neighborhood’s propensity for losing power easily during intense
convective activity, I definitely favor the more gentle rains we have been
getting this summer that we desperately need.

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