Conferences and Meetings 10-18 (Sa), 11-13 (Th) & 11/18 (Tu)

The NYC/LI Chapter of the AMS has assembled an outstanding program with something for everyone from Danbury to Stony Brook to Manhattan.


Saturday, October 18th

Fifth Tri-State Weather Conference in Danbury, CT. See attached flyer! Don’t miss out on a great day – register now!

Register on-line at:

Conference updates, directions, etc., are at:


No registration required – this is a public event. The meeting will be followed by a food/drink reception.

November 18 (Tuesday) Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, Long Island (More details to follow – Save the Date!)

Reality Deck visit: 5:30-7pm

Workshop/panel discussion: 7-9 pm

What: Workshop on Hazardous Weather Communication

Why: Communication is a vital step in the severe weather warning and decision process. It can be challenging to communicate the threat to emergency managers, the media, and the public given the uncertainties in the forecast, the current generation of tools and products for warning-decision support, the vast number of groups needing the information, and some of the technical terminology and explanations used during the briefings. This workshop will feature a 4-5 person panel from the NOAA-NWS, Journalism/Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook, news media, and emergency managers to discuss these issues as well as potential solutions. Before the workshop, attendees can visit the "Reality Deck" in the same building (CEWIT), which is a next-generation visualization system that immerses the forecaster or decision support person into the hazard using hundreds of monitors in a room to give a 3D visualization and zoom-in effect.

Where: Center for Excellence Wireless and Information Technology, Stony Brook University

5th tristate weather conference final.pdf

AMS Mtg-NYC_Wernli_11-13-14.pdf


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