Bergenfield March 2015 Summary



It was cold here in Bergenfield, New Jersey. U.S.A. during the month of March. I recorded a mean temperature of 36.5°F ( 2.5°C ), 5.2°F below the long-term mean. The lowest temperature of 8°F ( -13.3°C ) was measured on the 6th and established a new daily record. A maximum temperature of 60°F ( 15.6°C ) was recorded 11th.

The first 15 days saw a continuous snowcover, reaching a maximum depth of 18″ on the 6th. Each of these days established a new daily record.

The total precipitation of 4.34″ ( 110.2mm ) was close to normal. The greatest daily precipitation 0.84″ ( 21.3mm ) occurred on the 14th. 13.1″ ( 33.3cm ) of snow fell during the month with a daily maximum of 5.6″ ( 14.2cm ) on the 5th.

A number of new daily records were set. Low temperatures of 8°F and 25°F on the 29th established new marks. Peak wind gusts of 41mph(NW) on the 17th and 40mph(NW) on the 18th were records. Snowfalls of 3.3″ on the 1st and 5.6″ set new daily marks.


Most folks are anxious for Spring to finally arrive!


Best wishes,


Rudy J. Nickmann


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