January 2016 Climatological Summary for the NJWO Weathershelter – Reisterstown City Maryland – Observer Ray Muller

by Observer in charge/NJWO member Ray Muller

Average maximum temperature 39.5°
Average minimum temperature 23.8°
Average mean temperature 31.7°
High temperature 58° (31/1407)
Low temperature 10° (5/0507)
Min max temperature 23° (19)
Max min temperature 39° (10)

Monthly precipitation 4.44″
Year-to-date precipitation (through 1/31) 4.44″
Max precipitation in 24 hours 2.37″ (23)
Number of precipitation days with .01″ or more 9
Number of precipitation days wth .10″ or more 4
Number of precipitation days with .50″ or more 2
Number of precipitation days with 1.00″or more 2

Snowfall for the month 28.7″
Snowfall for the year 28.7″
Maximum snowfall in 24 hours 25.2″ (23)
Maximum snowdepth on ground 27″ (24)

Weather types
Fog 10
Dense Fog 2
Ice Pellets 1

Sky cover (sunrise to sunset) six-tenths

Highest barometric pressure 30.66″ (5)
Lowest barometric pressure 29.36″ (10)

2 minute fastest mile 26 MPH from 300° (29/1702)
Peak wind gust 38 MPH from the WNW(29/1708)
Gale wind days 2
Damaging wind days 0

Minimum relative humidity 21% (6/1400)

Lowest monthly visibility 1/16 mile (23)
in heavy snow,fog and blowing snow

Summary: The highlight of the month was the big snowstorm on the 22rd and 23rd. It became difficult to measure due to the wind transport with gusts over 35 MPH. I took measurements during the storm every 3 hours, and changing the precipitation can every 6 hours. I reported snowfall data (new snowfall, snow depth) to NWS every 6 hours along with temperature, wind speed and direction and peak wind gust, visibility, weather and obstructions to vision. I take core samples for NWS on
Tuesdays and Fridays and also send observations to cocorahs, and to the NJWO hotline. Observers had a very busy time during this snowstorm. It was another one for the record books.

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