by Observer in charge/NJWO member Ray Muller

Average maximum temperature 86.5°
Average minimum temperature 69.8°
Average mean temperature 78.2°
High temperature 96° (25/1602)
Low temperature 63° (2/0658)
Max daily range in temperature 22° 93°-71° (24)
Min daily range in temperature 11° 75°-64° (3)
Min max temperature 75° (3/1632)
Max min temperature 76° (25/0604)
Max temperature of 90° or more 8

Monthly precipitation 5.14″
Year-to-date precipitation (through 7/31) 27.89″
Max rain rate in 30 minutes 0.78″ (30)
Max precipitation in 24 hours 1.56″ (29)
Number of precipitation days with .01″ or more 8
Number of precipitation days wth .10″ or more 8
Number of precipitation days with .50″ or more 3
Number of precipitation days with 1.00″or more 2

Weather types
Fog 14
Dense Fog 2
Thunder 8
Haze 10

Highest barometric pressure 30.26″ (20/1237)
Lowest barometric pressure 29.76″ (8/0435)

Average Wind Speed 7.3 MPH
Daily prevailing wind direction 220°
Fastest Mile and direction 26 MPH from 230° (16)
Gale wind days 0
Damaging wind days 0

Relative Humidity
Average relative humidity at 0700 85% at 1300 58% at 1900 64% Minimum relative humidity 36% (21/1409)
Maximum relative humidity 100% on 5 separate days

Number of days with cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning 4

Character of day: Clear 6 Partly cloudy 17 Cloudy 8
Sky cover (sunrise to sunset): 6.3
Estimated total percent of possible sunshine: 42%
Minimum visibility: 1/16th mile in dense fog (31)

Remarks: Predominantly hot and humid weather with temperatures and
humidity above normal. Temperatures averaged more than 2° above normal. Precipitation averaged 1.31″ above normal for the month. Normal temperatures and precipitation values are based on records from the old COOP station at Woodstock Maryland, about 10 miles from my station.Year-to-date precipitation is now slightly above normal (+1.06″). The minimum relative humidity for the month (36%) was the highest monthly minimum relative humidity for the year so far. There were 12 days with minimum temperatures in the 60s and 19 days with mins in the 70s. There were only 2 days with maximum temps in the 70s, while there were 21 days with maximum temps in the 80s, and 8 days with maximum temps of 90° or more. On the 25th the sun solar temperature reached 116° at 1555 while the maximum ambient temperature was only 96°.

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