REISTERSTOWN MARYLAND – SEPTEMBER 2016 – MONTHLY CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY (corrected copy – supersedes previously sent post)

by NJWO Observer Ray Muller

Average maximum temperature 80.8°
Average minimum temperature 63.8°
Average mean temperature 72.3°
High temperature 93° (9)
Low temperature 52° (25)
Max daily range in temperature 26° 90°-64° (14)
Min daily range in temperature 3° 64°-61° (30)
Min max temperature 61° (30)
Max min temperature 77° (9)
Max temperature of 90° or more 5
Min temperature of 70° or more 4

Monthly precipitation 3.93″
Year-to-date precipitation (through 9/30) 33.37″
Max rain rate in 30 minutes 0.26″ (29)
Max precipitation in 12 hours 0.96″ (29)
Max precipitation in 24 hours 2.12″ (29)
Number of precipitation days with .01″ or more 7
Number of precipitation days wth .10″ or more 5
Number of precipitation days with .50″ or more 2
Number of precipitation days with 1.00″or more 1
Number of precipitation days with 2.00″or more 1

Weather types
Fog 12
Dense Fog 2
Thunder 3
Haze 6

Highest barometric pressure 30.30″ (16)
Lowest barometric pressure 29.86″ (1)


Fastest Mile and direction 22 MPH from 060° (29/0806)
Peak Wind Gust 31 MPH from NE (29/0807)
Gale wind days 0
Damaging wind days 0

Relative Humidity
Minimum relative humidity 34% (16)
Maximum relative humidity 100% on 9 separate days

Number of days with cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning 1

Character of day: Clear 8 Partly cloudy 10 Cloudy 12
Sky cover (sunrise to sunset): 5.8
Minimum visibility: 1/4 mile in drizzle and fog (30)

Remarks: Welcomed rains towards the last few days of the month. No severe weather observed this month. Rainfall was 0.37″ below normal here in the city. Year to date rainfall only 0.06″ below normal through September 30. Mean average temperature was 4.3° above normal. The normal temperature was based on old Woodstock COOP station data now closed. The normal precipitation data value was based on COCORAHS model data from the Colorado Climate Center. Weather computer problems resulted in some missing data this month. Due to change in observing program, only convective and storm-related cloud types will be observed in future observations. Cloud types not severe will be used for local forecasting only. These will not appear on the daily surface weather observations.

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