by Kevin Shaw, Observer in charge

Average high temperature 45.4 (+1.7)
Average low temperature 31.0 (+4.7)
Mean temperature 38.2 (+2.9)
Precipitation 2.72″ (-0.65″)
Greatest daily amount (date) 0.96″ (6)
Snow 0.4″ (-4.8″)
Greatest daily amount 0.2″ (17,30)
Year to date precipitation 39.82″ (-5.02″)
High temperature for the month (date) 65 (27)
Low temperature for the month (date) 15 (16)
Highest barometric pressure (date) 30.76″ (19)
Lowest barometric pressure (date) 29.57″ (1)
Peak wind gust (date/direction): 28 (15/WNW)
Heating degree days for the month: 822
Cooling degree days for the month: 0
Greatest diurnal range (date): 25 (22)
Least diurnal range (date) 4.2 (6)
Number of days:
Fog 3
Thunder: 0
Snow/Sleet/Glaze: 1/1/1
Sunny/clear days: 3 Partly Cloudy days: 15 Cloudy days: 13

Days with measurable precipitation (=>.01″) = 11 Days with maximum temperatures of 32 or less = 1
Days with minimum temperatures of 32 or less = 15

by Kevin Shaw, observer in charge

I moved to nearby Rockville about 5 miles SSE of my old
location) on December 19. I took my old station down on
Friday afternoon December 16. Estimated readings were
used extensively after December 16. Some data may be
missing and shows as blank. I struggled to put this data
and summary together to get the 2016 year finished. It
was a long and glorious 38 year run at my old station
location. I will be starting compilation of data at my
new location with my January 2017 report.

December 2016 was mild and relatively dry. Nothing record-
breaking by any means. But it fit in the pattern of the
majority of months in 2016. The 0.96″ daily amount on the
6th of the month was the wettest day of the month by far,
but did not set a daily record. No records were set during
the month, other than a tied record for daily snow (0.2″)
on the 17th. Monthly snowfall was a paltry 0.4″, some 4.8″
below my long-term average snowfall for December. The 65
monthly high temperature and the 47 monthly high minimum
temperature did not set daily records on the 27th, as the
records of 68 and 51 were set just one year ago in 2015,
during a record warm December.

Measurable rain fell on 11 days through out the month,
normal for December. The total precipitation for the year
of 39.82″ was 5.02″ below the long-term yearly average.

The average maximum temperature for the month was 45.4
(+1.7), the average minimum temperature was 31.0 (+4.7). The resultant mean average temperature for the month was
38.2 (+2.9).

The month’s highest barometric pressure reading of 30.76″
on the 19th occurred during one of the few cold periods of
the month. The lowest pressure reading of the month of
29.57″ was on the first day of the month, the last half of
the big storm at the end of November.

The distribution of 3 sunny, 15 partly cloudy and 13 cloudy days fell into the now winter patterns of cloudy cooler
temperatures with lighter amounts of daily rain.

There were 822 heating degree days (HDD) and 0 cooling
degree days during the month. I had 3 foggy days in
December. There were no thunderstorm days. The peak wind
gust during the month was 28 MPH out of the WNW on the 15th with low wind chills as the high winds brought in the coldest air of the month and the only day during December with a sub- freezing maximum temperature on the next day (16th). I had a total of eight days with PWG readings at or above the 20 MPH mark. There were only 2 days with a PWG of 9 MPH or less,
The dominant daily wind direction was 22 days with a westerly component, followed by 4 days with an easterly component.

My maximum temperature frequencies included 1 day
between 60 and 69, 6 days between 50 and 59, 16
days in the 40s, 7 days in the 30s, and 1 day in the 20s.
On the minimum temperature frequency side of things,
there were 3 days between 10 and 19, 9 days between
20and 29, 15 days between 30 and 39, and 4 days
between 40 and 49.

The diurnal range average was below normal once again
(14.4 vs the normal of 17.9). The maximum daily range
of 25 occurred on the 22nd (56-31) during one of the
clear periods of the month. There were only 5 days total
with daily ranges at or above 20. The lowest daily
temperature range of 4.2 (41-37) occurred on the
rainiest day of the month on the 6th, There were a total of 5 days with minimum daily temperature ranges less than 10.

So far the winter has been comparatively mild. I am so far
behind we are knocking on the door of February. We have
had some of our biggest snowstorms during the coming
month. So don’t let your guard down yet. I look forward to
reporting to you from now on from my new Rockville
location. It is a new beginning for me, and hopefully
another long and glorious one with plenty of new
weather adventures!!


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