by Kevin Shaw, Observer

June 2019 was drier and a bit warmer than normal. My max temp (82.6°)
was 0.6° above normal and my min temp (64.6°) was more significantly 3.5°
above normal, resulting in the mean temperature (73.7°) to be 2.0° above
normal. My total precipitation of 2.37″ was 1.41” below the normal June
value for my station of 3.78. There were a lot of smaller amounts of daily
precipitation leading to an above normal 14 days with measurable precipitation.
These 14 days were spread out fairly evenly throughout the month.

There were 9 relatively cool days (max temps below 80°) during the month,
all occurring on or before the 14th. The rest of the month trended warm to
hot, with all 6 days with max temps of 90 or more occurring during this period,
all of which were recorded during the last week of the month. The warmest
temperature for the month was 93° on the 27th, and the coolest was 49° on
the 4th.

There were 14 days with measurable precipitation, highlighted by the monthly
maximum of 0.85″ on the 13th during overnight showers early on that day.

The highest barometric pressure reading of the month of 30.23” occurred on
the 4th, on the same day as my lowest temperature of the month (48.8°).
The lowest reading was 29.51” on the 20th during a 4 day slightly wet period.

The highest dew point temperature reached during the month was 76° on
the 19th and 20th, during our lowest pressure readings of the month.
There were 14 days in June when dew point temps were 70° or higher,
all but 2 occurring during the last 15 days of the month. The lowest dew
point temperature value was reached on the 3rd (2nd coldest day of the
month) when a value of 39° was reached.

June had 8 cloudy days, 17 partly cloudy days, and only 5 clear/sunny days
despite the overall dryness during the month. There were 4 heating degree
days and 266 cooling degree days during the month. There were 3 foggy
days, 3 windy days, and 6 days with thunder.

Daily max/min temperatures didn’t vary as much as in the previous spring
months. My maximum temperature frequencies included 6 days over 90°,
14 days between 80° and 89°, and 10 days between 70° and 79°.
On the minimum temperature frequency side of things, there was 1 day
below 50°, 4 days between 50° and 59°, 16 days between 60° and 69°
and 9 days above 70°. The coldest daily max temperature was 71.1° on
the 10th while the warmest daily min temp of 73.0° was on the 27th,
when the max temp during the month was also reached (93.3°).

The diurnal range daily monthly average was 18.4° (- 2.8°).
Our greatest daily range of temperature was 27.3° on the 4th
(76.1°-48.8°). We had a total of 12 days with daily ranges above
20°. Our lowest range of temperature was 9.6° (79.8°-70.2°) on
the 7th. There were only 3 total days with diurnal temperature
ranges of less than 10° throughout the month, all occurring on or
before the 10th of the month. .

June 2019 was a typical first month of summer, with the heat taking
over during the last half of the month after a cooler first half, with
spring trying to hang on. No tropical activity developed anywhere near
my region. . There weren’t any problems experienced with my weather
station during the month thank goodness, save for my recurring VPs
tipping bucket problems. .


Average high temperature 82.9° (+ 0.6°)
Average low temperature 64.6° (+ 3.5°)
Mean temperature 73.7° (+ 2.0°)

Precipitation 2.37″ (- 1.41”)
Greatest daily amount (date) 0.85″ (13)
Greatest storm total (dates) 0.90” (12-13)
2019 year-to-date precipitation total 23.00″ (+2.26”)

Snowfall 0.0”
Seasonal snowfall total (final) 26.8″

High temperature for the month (date) 93.3° (27)
Low temperature for the month (date) 48.8° (4)

Highest barometric pressure (date) 30.23” (4)
Lowest barometric pressure (date) 29.51” (20)

Peak wind gust (date/direction): N/A

Heating degree days for the month: 4
Cooling degree days for the month: 266

Greatest diurnal range (date): 27.3° (4)
Least diurnal range (date) 9.6° (7)

Number of days:

Fog 3
Windy 3
Thunder 6
Cloudy 8
Partly Cloudy 17
Sunny/Clear 5
Max temp ≥ 90° 6
Min temp < 60° 4
Min temp => 70° 9
Precip ≥ 0.01” 14

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