Anyone with a sincere interest in the weather, no matter what their level of expertise, is welcome as a member.  Some members just like to talk about the weather.  Others are interested in keeping simple records of temperature and precipitation.  Still others photograph clouds, explore weather history or collect examples of rare weather phenomena.  A few are obsessed with precision weather data and have built personal weather stations to obtain it which rival or surpass those of the National Weather Service.  The latest major activity is the creation of two separate networks of remote weather sensing instruments which make available to anyone with Internet access real time weather data from more than 20 locations.  Anything goes in the NJWO, so long as it relates to weather.

The club membership numbers well over 100 and ages have ranged between 8 and 85.   Members are primarily from New Jersey but some of our most active members are from Pennsylvania and New York, and others are or have been located in Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Idaho.
There are annual dues. $25 for adults and $15 for students. The dues help off set the cost of the monthly newsletterThe Weather Shelter

Interested? we hope so. At the very least we’d like to add you to our email distribution list. Please send the following information to the webmaster and we’ll get started! webmaster at or fill out the Contact Us form


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